1. How long has Marlow Design been in business?
Marlow Design first launched in February 2015, as a purely custom jewellery design company. As time went on, Marlow Design Collections were added as top selling designs were isolated, with items ready to be sold and personalized rather than custom designed from the ground up.
2. How quickly will I receive my items?
In stock items will be shipped within 2-3 business days and arrive in Canada within 4-7 business days. If there is engraving, stone setting, or special order sizing or metal selection required you will be contacted with an updated ship date to allow for the personalization to be completed
3. Are my items insured against theft or damage?
All shipments are insured against theft until a correct signature release is on file, and damage during shipping will be fully repaired or item replaced. If an issue occurs please contact info@marlowdesign.ca with your order number to start a claim.
4. Is there a warranty on the items?
All Marlow Design Collection pieces have a lifetime warranty that covers replacement of stones, recasting of material, and any fault deemed a manufacturers defect. To maintain this warranty a yearly inspection is required, either by Marlow Design (either in person or shipped to us) or through an authorized local to you goldsmith. To find out what goldsmith is in your area and is authorized by Marlow Design please contact info@marlowdesign.ca with your order number and your local area and we will get back to you with inspection details.
5. Is there a return policy?
All items have a 30 day return or exchange from delivery date, assuming the piece is in as new condition. A restocking fee may be assessed on items that have been damaged or personalized. Please contact info@marlowdesign.ca for a free return waybill.
6. Are there actual people running the store?
Absolutely! Both Marlow, Kanchan, and the rest of their manufacturing team are available by phone at either 403-992-8452 or 403-690-3023 if you ever have any questions. Emails as info@marlowdesign.ca will be responded to within 24 hours and usually sooner!
7. What kind of personalization options are available?
Depending on the piece, we offer engraving at $10-$15/letter, selection of metal types and colour, resizing, and alternate stone selections.
8. Do you offer international shipping?
We do, though you will have to contact us at info@marlowdesign.ca and are responsible for all duties and taxes.
9. I’m looking for a certain piece and you don’t have it on the website!
Either call us at 403-992-8452 or 403-690-3023 or drop us a message at info@marlowdesign.ca and we will find the perfect piece! We have a wide selection available vendors that can meet your needs.
10. Can you custom design a piece?
Absolutely! That’s where we got our start at www.marlowdesign.ca
11. Can you use my stones & metal?
Depending on the design, yes! Fire us a message at info@marlowdesign.ca and we can see how to accommodate your stones.
12. What is moissanite?
Moissanite is a lab created gem with a hardness close to a diamond, with a clear fire and sparkle unique to it’s gem quality. It is significantly less expensive than a diamond.
13. What are lab created gemstones and diamonds?
These are gemstone and diamonds created under a High Pressure High Heat environment, to create a chemically identical gem to their mined counterparts. Lab stones are exactly the same in every way as mined gems, simply that were born in a lab rather than mined from the earth. This process significantly reduces costs, enabling you to have the stone you love for an affordable price.

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