Product Care & Repair


Jewellery is a cherished and deeply personal way we express ourselves, and is made to be worn and shown off. Using quality metal material and gemstones, we are able to take our pieces into the world and feel confident they will stand up to daily wear. Like all day to day items, there is certain maintenance and cleaning practices that will insure longevity.


For sterling silver, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and platinum, warm water and a soft bristle toothbrush is more than enough to clean dirt and grime from the piece. This also applies to emeralds, diamonds, moissanites, rubies, sapphires, and stones of similar hardness. A microfiber cloth without lint is best for a standard fingerprint polish. 


All precious metals will gain different levels of scratching and abrasions, and is highly recommended to not wear jewellery during high impact exercise such as weight training. Standard wear and tear will require a professional authorized goldsmith to buff and remove. White gold will need further rhodium plating to bring ensure an bright white look. In turn precious metals can wear down, including the band and prongs, and is highly suggested to be reviewed by a goldsmith at least yearly in the case of potential maintenance required. We offer 20% off on all our maintenance to maintain our lifetime warranty. 

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